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TechArima - Blockchain based Trustable Credentials/Certificates.

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Digital Credentials and Badges

Our Digital Credentials Management Application helps Education Institutes, Training Providers, Academies, Universities, Companies to manage their credentials and badges and make their brand in digital presence.

Tamper Proof Digital Credentials and Documents

You can generate Tamper proof certficates with Green Blockchain.

Issue Certificate in a bulk

upload and generate certificate in a bulk in a hassle-free.

Verify Certification

No Thridparty is required for verification and able to check the credentials in our application.


Blockchain Node as a Services

TechArima offers blockchain enviornment for students for learning and practicing labs and also provide developer instance for developers for running the POC or projects in Blockchain.

Multi-Cloud and Multichain Platform

Get your node and do hand-on with smart contract in Ethereum, Algorand and Hyperledger Fabric.

Zero-code deployment

Create nodes and set up consortia in just a few clicks.

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Our highly qualified technical experts will help you to build Dapp and deploy a blockchain solutions

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