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TechArima - Provider of DLT solution development, NFT (Non-fungible Tokens), asset digitization, and end-to-end blockchain solution creation for businesses.

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TechArima Services

Blockchain Consulting

We provide Blockchain consulting and development services for startups and Companies.

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Blockchain Consulting

We assure you that our services will provide a secure, robust blockchain consulting service. We focus on design, architecture, migrations, deployment and managing business continuity for our customers

Web3 Development

We are expertise in building a web3 decentralised application - dApps, NFT Marketplace for different blockchain, crosschain networks.

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Dec 2020

Started Blockchain Entity

May 2021

Launched Certificate Application

Feb 2022

Launch Arima - Token

Apr 2022

Building a NFT Marketplace

Arima - Create your own digital workspace and connect with your team.
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